Conference description

The Danish Presidency of the European Council 2012, in cooperation with the Intergovernmental Group Europe de l'Enfance and the European Commission is organising a Conference on child poverty and children's social rights followed by the meeting of the Group Europe de l'Enfance. The Conference and the meeting will be held on 19 and 20 March 2012 in Copenhagen.

Since 2002, the purpose of the permanent Intergovernmental Group Europe de l'Enfance, has been to introduce the mainstreaming of children's policies and the rights of the child in all EU policies through the exchange of knowledge and good practice on the conditions of children at national level.

L'Europe de l'Enfance is composed of representatives of National Ministries or other Government representatives in charge of childhood policies in the EU Member States (i.a. Ministries of Social Affairs, Family, Health). They meet once per semester on the invitation of the Member State holding the EU Presidency.

The invited participants are kindly requested to complete their registration online by 09/03/2012